Tell Your Loved One’s Story Without Having to Say a Word.

You’ll never know the power of the Ladybug card until you use them. It is a great way to share your PCDH19 story anywhere (e.g., airplane, restaurant, library, people behind you in line), and to promote awareness of PCDH19 Epilepsy.



  • Your card is uniquely made for your daughter, you can select the three characteristics that you’d most like other’s to know about her. In the example below, Kira’s parents chose Speech, Behavior and Motor Skills. Some others that have been selected are “need for personal space” and “time to process.” Select what works best for your family.
  • Hand them out at work, slip them into holiday cards, leave them with your tip at a restaurant
  • Imagine, you won’t have to explain about PCDH19 in front of your daughter ever again, or she can hand them out on her own.
  • Direct people to this site to learn more

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